FUE Technique

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What is the FUE technique?

Both women and men fight with hair loss. The reasons why this happens can be countless: from the consequences of illness to eating, stress, etc. Today's advanced technology offers us a multitude of more or less effective alternatives. No one can challenge the fame of the FUE technique in the hair implant. The acronym FUE comes from the English name "Follicular Extraction Unit". The FUE technique is so well known for its effect on this alopecia battle.

Description of the FUE technique

Even if this process may seem complicated at first sight, we assure you that it is not. The principle that goes into this technique is the distribution of follicular units (grafts). Once these have been extracted, the micro channels will be created in the bald area to place the grafts.

The grafts behind and/or the sides of the head are transplanted under the effect of anesthesia. Once the grafts have been organized and meticulously analyzed, they will be placed in the micro channels previously made in the bald areas.

How to Identify Which Treatment Is Required ?

Practically, the need arises from the desire to feel good in front of the mirror, however, the need for treatment can be determined if you meet the following conditions:

• Loss of hair.

• Alopecia

• Donor areas have low density.

• You want to hide some scars

The restoration process

Generally, hair will be shaved prior to surgery because the grafts will be in good condition during/after extraction and also facilitate graft insertion, increasing visual space.



Advantages of transplantation with 3d Sapphire FUE technique

This technique does not leave scars and healing is very quickly, between 7-10 days. It is also a non-invasive intervention, it doesn’t require hospitalization. The end result will be natural.