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We have VAZER (ultrasonic wave) and laser liposuction applications. The Vazer is used for fat areas such as the abdomen and legs. For liposuction surgery, the patient must stay in Turkey for 4-5 days, remaining all day in hospital on the same day of the operation. The corset is worn on average 35-45 days. It does not sweat, do not bother because it is made of bamboo.

Liposuction is a process of fat removal from fat areas with small incisions. A posteriori, there remains no trace of these small incisions. After 1 year, all traces disappear. This is an appropriate operation for combined operations (eg, abdominoplasty, breast reduction). The fat taken can also be injected into the face and buttocks (if necessary). In greasy injection, the stem cells of the adipose cell are taken and injected. This ensures a good rejuvenation.

When evaluating the area, the lower belly and upper navel are calculated separately, the abdominal sides (love handles) are calculated in 1 region. The bra line, the region of the back and above, the hips are calculated as 1 region. The arms constitute 1 region, front leg, side, back and knee are calculated separately. It is recommended to wear a fine undergarment when requesting images to the patient.