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Latest Technology Services in Hair Transplantation


As we have already mentioned, in logar of habitual leaves, in this procedure sapphire blades will be used to open the microchannels in the area to be treated. The function of the sapphire blades is to minimize the formation of scabs after surgical transplantation and significantly accelerate the recovery of the area treated with the FUE technique. The crusts are a normal effect after applying the FUE technique in a certain area of the scalp, but thanks to the novel implementation of the sapphire blades, the area will see a faster recovery compared to the normal treatment.



The PRP as it is known to Plasma Rich in Platelet, is a simple process in which the plasma is introduced rich in growth factors that release platelets from the patient, this procedure is performed by means of micro injections in the scalp, without signals of pain or traumatism, although to avoid the discomfort it is usually resorted to applying local anesthesia.The plasma rich in growth factors is obtained from a light blood sample from the same patient and, by means of conventional centrifugation methods, the plasma fractions are separated.


The DHI technique is currently known as the most modern and advanced capillary method, it is exclusive because very few doctors specialized in micro capillary implants develop this method, however, its development is considerable.Differently from the practice of the FUE method, when the practice of DHI implantation is carried out, the creation of the site and the implantation of the graft are carried out simultaneously, they are combined as part of a unique development process, grafting the extracted hair follicles directly...


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