Nose Surgery

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Rinolasty operation is divided into 2 as Simple and Complicated. In complicated operations, more patients should have had a previous operation or have a trauma like a fracture in the nose. In simple operations, the person wants to be operated for the first time. In complicated operations, it may be necessary to take grafts from costa or ear. Has the first week after the operation should remain in Turkey? On day 3, buffers are generally taken. Plasters are taken in the 1st week. The resulting swelling and bruises are lost up to a maximum of 10 days. Patient can go back to work.


Following surgery, most patients experience mild to moderate discomfort that can be controlled with medication. However, the first part of the recovery period can be somewhat awkward at work and in social settings due to possible bruising under the eyes and the use of a splint. Patients should expect to wear splints on the inside and outside of the nose for about a week after rhinoplasty to protect the nasal bones and cartilage. Additionally, patients should avoid strenuous activity such as jogging or swimming for two to three weeks and avoid wearing glasses for four to five weeks.

The nose is a complex structure made of delicate cartilage and bone. A small change to one part of the structure affects the rest of the nose, so rhinoplasty requires expertise to achieve a natural, functional outcome. If you’re considering rhinoplasty, get your free consultation now.