Why Turkey


The health tourism experienced a boom not only in Istanbul, but practically throughout Turkey. More and more establishments specialize in offering various surgical treatments, especially in the area of hair transplants, dental treatments, cosmetic surgery and even treatments for cancer. The advantage of the health tourism in Istanbul is not only the access to multiple clinics that offer these treatments, but also the fact that it provides the possibility of getting all this high quality treatments at really low prices compared to the rest of Europe. We could say that, nowadays, Turkey is the center of health tourism, and this is due to the quality of the treatments carried out by the medical specialists and the equipment of high technological range.


Private clinics in Istanbul


In fact, public hospitals in Istanbul do not always have the necessary resources to take care of certain health cases. This is mostly because people have greater confidence in private clinics. In recent decades these establishments have flourished, leading to highly specialized clinics in several types of treatments like hair transplant. In Istanbul you can find clinics with state-of-the-art equipment that offer treatment packages for hair loss, with excellent results and at highly competitive prices compared to other European countries like Spain/France.