About The Hospital



 Kadıköy Hospital 

Our hospital has been active since 1955. In Turkey, the Turkish Diabetes Association Diabetes and Obesity Foundation's service for our country, has been following the work of  Prof. Dr. Nazif Bağrıaçık who made a great effort for the settlement of modern medicine in the treatment of diabetes and obesity.

NB Kadıköy Hospital to contribute to medical science serves the global level with the vision. Residential and business center of Istanbul's Kadikoy, which offers general health services. 

Qualified physicians and modern medical technology help maintain a high level of knowledge, skills, and expertise provided by skilled professionals. The hospital's architecture offers modern comfort to our patients, who will feel at ease and completely safe. The hospital atmosphere combines patient safety regulations with international quality standards. An emergency operating room equipped with our open and laparoscopic methods, a general intensive care unit in support of our experienced anesthesia team, is available 24 hours a day.

General surgery can be performed with all minimally invasive procedures: laparokop techniques, brain and nerve surgery, obesity surgery, cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, hand surgery and microsurgery in the surgical area arthroscopic. Laser surgery, plastic and cosmetic surgery, otolaryngology, urological surgery in our hospital are the other successful group. being used in our laboratory with advanced technology devices that include a large number of tests, can be studied simultaneously, it is presented right and quickly concluded by the doctor.

Our hospital operates according to the standards imposed by the Ministry of Health (SHKS). Our priority is to provide a service of the highest level but in particular, we want to ensure the safety of patients. Medical intervention and severe treatment in the most critical moments of life, for adults and children, are performed by our professional and academic medical staff. In a small number of facilities in Turkey, there is a Diabetic Foot and Wound care unit, ozone therapy, interventional radiology and ultrasound.